After leading the industry for decades, four dynamic professionals with different functional expertise, came together to form Midastechfin.  The idea was to utilize decades of knowledge skill and experience to fortify and serve the industry.

The construction material industry has been growing in leaps and bounds.  India has been witnessing unprecedented growth in the field of infrastructure and housing.  There is a burning need to harness new technologies to provide better quality inputs.  Construction material technology has evolved to new levels on the global front.  The Indian market is ripe and ready for innovative products and technological upgrades.  Midastechfin has stepped in at the right time to enable small and medium enterprises to grow.

Midastechfin is committed to enhancing professional standards of the construction material indsutry.

Why talk to us


At the Midastechfin team, you will find professionals who have led the major players in the construction materials industry.  Decades of experience knowledge and skills is what you will find to help you grow your own company. Proven techniques and strategies will ensure that you grow with optimal resources in the shortest possible time frame.


Setting up and managing a manufacturing unit involves multiple resources.  Midastechfin provides the management expertise required to perform these tasks.  Qualified management professionals with proven track records assist in managing the enterprise.

Raw Material

One of the key ingredients for entrepreneurial success is optimal sourcing.  This entails finding the right product that matches the desired quality at an optimal price.  Sourcing today has become a key element in the management of any manufacturing industry.  Midastechfin provides the precise inputs that lead to optimal sourcing.


Technical know-how and product development expertise is the key to the success of any venture.  Industry experts at Midastechfin guide product development using the latest technological advances available world wide.


Financial planning, implementation, and control is the lifeline of any enterprise. With services like Virtual CFO, working capital management and long-term funding, Midastechfin has the answer to every financial conundrum.


Startups require assistance from the word go.  Midastechfin provides a affordable services to assist startups and set them on their way.  These valuable inputs ensure successful upscaling at the appropriate juncture.

Our mission

To harness the latest global technologies in order to empower small and medium-scale companies in India to achieve dynamic, professional, and qualitative growth in the construction materials industry.

Our vision

To contribute our expertise to professionalize and revolutionize the construction material industry by raising professional standards of management and technological quality of products.

Our experience

Financial Services 87%
Business Services 75%
Construction Materials Products 63%
Startup Businesses 50%

Our team

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“We have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward.”

Our core values


We are committed to introduce innovative products to modernise the Indian industry

Privacy and Confidentiality

We shall strive to maintain professional levels of privacy and maintain confidentiality in our dealings with our clients.


We shall uphold the highest professional standard while dealing with our stakeholders


We shall uphold the highest levels of probity, integrity, and professionalism in all our transactions.

Technological Advancement

We are focused on leveraging the latest technology to advance the quality standards of the Indian Industry.

Delivering Value

We shall deliver the highest value expected from us while providing services to our clients, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Our clients

We are proud of the success and achievement of our clients.  We share in their success by adding value to their products through our services.

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